Dog Security

It is a fact (and one that the Local Police Force will agree with) that trained security dogs and its handler are unparalleled when used to discourage criminal activity.

Our security dogs not only provide a visible physical deterrent, but if any incident should arise, our dogs are trained to respond on command and to apprehend and restrain the offender until the Authorities arrive.

We provide highly trained security dogs with a uniformed handler to protect; persons, property and premises for many different circumstances. Our dogs have good temperament and are trained rigorously, to ensure our handlers have total control of the dog at all times.

"There is no better deterrent than a Security Dog and its handler"

Our Security Dog Handlers are fully qualified, fully insured and have years of experience in a variety of security situations. Our dogs are full time working animals and have been carefully selected to have the correct disposition.

Devonport Security Plymouth